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Then of course I could introduce you to some old style schooling.

She will revel in her power and you will suffer as a result.

The first whack of the cane across your bare bottom.

You stun yourself with your weakness, but you can't help it.

He orders you to strip and you don't hesitate to argue.

Your master approves of this sign, as he now knows you will do anything for him in order to be given a change to relieve yourself.

You spin around just in time to see a blur of black and then nothing.She shoves you forward and you instinctively bend at your waist.It gets so intense sometimes that you find yourself releasing your cock under your table and discreetly wanking off while everyone around you works hard.So he orders you to walk over to the gym horse on the other side of the room.Once this is complete wait for the phone to ring and then you may speak to the mistress you pathetic sissy whimp..

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