Amber marshall dating graham

The show had everything I needed to keep me entertained, keep me laughing, keep me rooting for the good guys.

They were really sweet and didn’t laugh (too much) as I walked into the Hard Rock Cafe carrying every single thing I own on my shoulders.

If we have to do a big stunt with a horse rearing up or falling then the trainers prepare a certain horse to be able to do these stunts.

Over the four seasons of Heartland we have had some incredible scenes of horses rearing, and my character falling or crashing into jumps and many other dangerous situations.

It gave them a chance to admire my new iphone 4 and to discuss the story behind how difficult it was to procure. We talked a little bit about how Heartland is moving south of the border and will be airing, for the first time, on American televisions.

This conversation, of course, led to the whole accent conversation.

Whether that partner is a human, horse or something beyond, the logic remains the same.If your partner un-doughtily loves and respects you (as most horses regard their owner) then loyalty is a given.The horses on set are working just as hard as any of us humans and in my opinion they don't get enough credit.And you know, let the fans know that he’s not just a dude with a motorcycle…even though he, um, is a dude with a motorcycle.The canadian drama series "Heartland" shows Amber Marshall in the lead role of Amy Fleming, who has got the talent of "horse whispering" and heals distressed horses on her family's ranch.

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