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That's why you're here today." My testing included an hourlong interview and an 800-question personality test.He also gave me a functional assessment test for both myself and my husband to fill out at home to rate the severity of my impairments in the areas normally affected by ASD.

they may appear more sociable than males on the spectrum.

A resource pack to support GPs and their teams to make their surgeries more visibly friendly for patients with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Contains many of the above resources, and was mailed to each practice in May 2016.

I'm learning to cope with sensory overload by recognizing my limits.

Sometimes I need to escape from the chaotic noise of our dog barking and my three kids screaming while chasing each other around the playroom.

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But my ability to intensely focus on reading literature as a special interest or obsession eventually led to my doctorate in English.

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