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On her mother, her confidante and friend “For me, my mother is like God. She is the sunshine and the oxygen in my life,” says Kareena, adding that it is her mother’s courage and constant support that has made her who she is today. But everyone who is a part of my life knows that if Lolo (Karisma’s pet name) has said something, then it’s like gospel truth for me. I also look up to her for the way she has lived her life and brought up her three children. I aspire to strike that balance in my life,” says Kareena, adding, “Even today, her beauty is breathtaking. And what I admire the most is the dignity with which she has conducted her life, her career, and single-handedly brought up her children, despite a lot of media stress, in terms of her marriage,” she says. I sometimes stare at her and wonder, ‘Wow; someone like her truly exists’.” The actor says she considers herself “blessed to have got such a mum-in-law. The Ratanpur-ites are constantly terrorised by Bhairon Singh, who, with the help of his innumerable lackeys, loots, plunders, grabs land and generally does everything that a villain is supposed to do.One thing that strikes about this film is the number of necessary and unnecessary characters that are consistently introduced through the film.The benefits include broad torque and quick acceleration.New cam profiles optimize the valve timing to achieve power characteristics that are ideally suited to city streets and twisty suburban roads.The SDTV helps to ensure efficient combustion and smooth power delivery.

Even if he has the charm and personality that could compare him to the legend, it was not too evident in this film.

Sharad Kelkar, apart from being very pleasing to the eye, is also a decent actor. Watch this one only if you are a die-hard Pawan Kalyan fan.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always wanted to become a Bollywood actor.

A catalyzer in the exhaust chamber keeps emissions low enough to satisfy the strict Euro 3 regulations.

The exhaust pipe incorporates a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system.

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