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"I think as soon as the checks started rolling in, Dennis had other things," says Blaine.

"He was buying things; he was appreciating his motorcycling and hobbies and so forth. ."Wilson was famous for letting people crash at his house — when he had one.

According to sources close to the band, Dennis had started to use the drug in 1978, and during a tour of Australia that year, he was allegedly sharing his supply with Brian.

At one point, the drummer checked himself into a hospital under an assumed name and cleaned up, but his overindulgences were creating problems within the Beach Boys.

Wilson had checked himself out of the detoxification unit at a local hospital and had been drinking in the area when he ran into Shawn's friend, with whom he picked a fight. Several hours later, drunk and puffing on a cigarette, his face a ghastly gray, Wilson was vowing revenge outside St. Bust everyone." Steve Goldberg, a close friend who had brought Dennis to the hospital, did his best to calm him down.

Toxicological tests showed Wilson's blood alcohol level to be 0.26 at the time of death — more than twice the legal limit for driving.

Wilson's relationship with actress-model Karen Lamm was by far his craziest. She had decided to put on an act to keep Dennis in line.

"You get your ass off my property and don't come back," said Lamm, waving the gun.

Released in 1977, it sold a respectable 200,000 copies.

Wilson recorded about half of a follow-up album, though most of the songs were never finished.

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