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I was curious to see what their next steps would be, so I stopped by the Satellite last weekend with my friend Lauren to ask them a few questions before their LA show.As I walked in, I could tell they were tired but being good sports about it—Eoin informed us that he was resting his voice, so Rory would answer any questions we had for them. San Francisco was pretty cool because we have some friends who live up there.mind: the cast was amazing and why are finales always about saying good-bye? “8 Simple Rules”., -davidson-height-weight-body- Watch- is the best site for 8 Simple Rules Online Streaming.James Garner and David Spade joined the cast afterward.After a while though, the additional viewership subsided and the sitcom averaged 9.98 million and ranked 50th for the season. can’t control himself and immediately tells Bridget. Over the phone, Cate and Ed agree that they are actually dating and she decides to take the big step of telling the kids. While they’re all arguing, it comes out that Cate’s begun dating Ed. She’s surprised that he cares so much and is touched.(which co-stars Ritter’s son Jason), the show averaged just 6.8 million and fell to 94th for the season. promise that they won’t tell the kids, just in case it doesn’t turn out to be serious. Rory and Kerry enter and ask to borrow the mini-van (to steal the goat). The two steal the mascot and hide it upstairs in their house, where it eats Cate’s green sweater and stinks up the place. Surprisingly, they’re all okay with it and Cate feels much better. Then, Ed calls and tells her that he’s been offered a great position as a headmaster of a school in New York. She moves the phone call upstairs while the rest of the family are left to wonder what’s going on.

Drenge, derived from the Danish word for “boys,” is a fitting name to capture the spirit of their music.I’m still having fun though, it’s good not to drink sometimes. We don’t have a lot of things thrown onstage but we did get a free Johnny Cash t-shirt once. Did you get into a lot of trouble when you were growing up as a kid? Coming from a small town, playing big festivals like Glastonbury and internationally touring must be such a different experience. But then sometimes it feels really natural, like just walking down the street and being like “I’m playing a show tonight.” What’s been your favorite city so far that you’ve played? I used to go to this musical group as a really young kid, when I was about 3 years old. I guess that’s kind of bad to say as a professional musician but we never started this band to make any money so I guess I’m less bothered about it whereas some people are like ‘yeah this is my job.’ I probably should think about it that way, but I guess I’m just young. Yeah the Internet is really changing the music industry.

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So now that we’ve toured and kind of like gotten rid of all that frustration, this next one might be a bit more uplifting. Yeah “People in Love Make Me Feel Yuck” was written on the day of the royal wedding. Eoin will bring something into the studio and I’ll try out a few different things and then we write a lot of the stuff as we’re recording it, which sometimes pisses off the producer (laughs).

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