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Compare, for example, the following sentences: —roughly equivalent to the English proverb "A word to the wise is sufficient," or, a more literal translation, "To a good listener, a few words are enough." There are also some significant differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese as there are between British and American English or Peninsular and Latin American Spanish.

This article notes these differences below only where: This article contains IPA phonetic symbols.

Apart from that, while "quem" is invariable, Spanish has both the singular "quién" and the plural "quiénes." In the Portuguese example, the "m" at the end of "quem" is never pronounced. Spanish distinguishes the adjective mucho 'much/many' from the adverb muy 'very/quite'.

Portuguese uses muito for both (there's also mui, but it is considered old-fashioned) As an adjective, muito is inflected according to the gender and number of the noun it qualifies, like mucho. Thus, it would be incorrect to say *muitas maduras in the second example.

Se may be used in Spanish to form passive and impersonal constructions, as well.

This still applies in cases where a relatively indeterminate subject is genderized, such as the Spanish todos a una [voz] ('all at once', literally 'all at one [voice]'). Arabic is the source of a few personal given names and numerous surnames and place names in Spain, including the following: Almudena, Unlike the other Romance languages, modern Portuguese does not use the Roman planetary system for the days Monday through Friday.

La voz, sola, es para el hombre escasamente una materia informe, que para convertirse en un instrumento perfecto de comunicación debe ser sometida a un cierto tratamiento.A capacidade de expressão do homem não disporia de mais meios que a dos animais.A voz, sozinha, é para o homem apenas uma matéria informe, que para se converter num instrumento perfeito de comunicação deve ser submetida a um certo tratamento.For example, "Mi abuelo les compró los regalos" becomes "Mi abuelo se los compró". In addition, Spanish uses sé as an irregular verb in the first person singular indicative of saber (to know), and the second person singular imperative of ser (to be). Despite the mostly cognate vocabulary between Spanish and Portuguese, a significant number of common words are entirely different in the two languages (although in some cases cognates exist, but are rare or archaic in one of the two languages). Thus we find a number of cases in which the usual Spanish word is derived from Arabic, while the corresponding word in Portuguese is Latin or Celtic-derived, as in the following examples: There are some examples where a word of Arabic origin is used in Portuguese but not in Spanish, such as: Sp. Nevertheless, some differences between them can present hurdles to people acquainted with one and learning the other.Spanish has three forms for the singular definite article, el, masculine, la, feminine, and lo, neuter.

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