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What if you're all wrong and the few that are warning you are right about Facebook being used in a way only Christian prophecy can predict?

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Below are a collection of articles proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, you need to get all your information off of facebook immediately. But one can use Facebook without making it easy for everyone from criminals, to rogue governing officials to make life miserable for them. Only big government can maintain a server farm that large and then never charge its users for it!

As many of you that frequent this site know, I have been toying with the idea of making a page exposing Facebook for what it is.

So, I left it up to you, my visitors and subscribers, to vote on whether or not to make such a page.

Swartwood Supreme Court Library) - Melissa Holland Lamb (former student, School of Information and Library Studies, University at Buffalo) - Jeannine A.

Lee (Principal Law Librarian, Supreme Court Library at Buffalo) - Angela M.

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