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Bishōjo games are similar to Choose Your Own Adventure books in the way of narrative, in which the game tells a story but the player may make choices to change how the story flows. Bishōjo games began to appear in Japan in the beginning days of personal computers.

The first bishōjo game commercialized in Japan appeared in 1982 as Night Life by Koei.

Games ported to consoles usually have adult content removed.

The industry of bishōjo games is closely related to the industry of anime and Japanese manga.

Some of the least pornographic and most successful also branching off into the console market.In 2001 Tokimeki Memorial 3 became the first bishojo game to break this trend.However, low sales make it likely that other companies will stick with the traditional 2D graphics.These came to national attention in Japan in 1986 with the release by d B-soft of 177, a game where the player takes the role of a rapist.(The game's title originates from the number of the Japanese law criminalizing rape.) 177 was not actually the first game designed around this premise, but it was unusually explicit.

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