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But what makes Will and Kate’s relationship so fascinating isn’t their celebrity stature.The couple really garners attention for being so seemingly modern and accessible.There is evidence that giving to a charity gives us a sense of accomplishment and releases chemicals in the brain that make us feel happier.And giving back along with your significant other can make you feel extra good about your relationship.This concept of “getting your own life” is what the Huff Post describes as “pursuing passions that aren’t dependent on having a partner and nurturing your own circle of friends who aren’t part of your couple activities.” Finding ways to keep the romance alive is important.And this royal couple certainly has this down, even having the occasional date night away from the kids.News media has poked a bit of fun at the couple recently since it has come out that Kate had to “convince” Will to have a third child.

Whether it’s involving a long trip to foreign countries or just a brief public appearance, body language experts have been fascinated by the ways Will and Kate publicly show their support for each other.

While you don’t want to be “that couple,” being open with how much you support your partner will strengthen your relationship.

Let’s be honest — what makes the Duke and Duchess a poster duo for relationships is that they don’t appear to take themselves too seriously.

It’s important for any couple, royal or commonplace, to remember that disagreements are going to happen.

The best tip here is to get through the issue at hand before it manifests into a much bigger issue. Nevertheless, being on your in-law’s good side is great for your relationship.

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Even public figures like Will and Kate try to avoid the cameras from time to time. Putting every little aspect of your relationship on social media, for example, is a way of promoting your own gossip and bringing in outside opinions that really don’t matter.

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