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Several Transformers (notably Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Megatron) have Cyberglyphics etched onto their heads, near the cheek area.

After getting a violent jolt by touching a fragment of the seemingly destroyed All Spark, Sam Witwicky started to have visions of Cyberglyphic symbols, scribbling them in his notebooks, on chalkboards, and eventually all over his room at Hamilton Hall.

This earned him the attention of Alice, who was secretly a Decepticon spy.

Leo Spitz led Sam to Seymour Simmons, who showed Sam evidence from his trove of pilfered Sector Seven files.

Through this, Sam learned that his ancestor Archibald Witwicky drew similar ones after his encounter with the frozen Megatron.

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Seeking more answers he questioned the captive Decepticon Wheelie, who was able to identify them as the language of the Primes but was unable to decipher them.

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