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Companions that are dismissed from this point on return to the Lucky 38, not their original out-of-the-way area.

• Victor will notify the player that House has comped one the presidential suite, essentially a free permanent residence, and one large enough to fit all companions.

Afterwards, pick any option on the PC to start and fail "The House Has Gone Bust!

Supposing one did hand over the chip, there's an automatic basement scene where House sets up a demonstration.

Now, the task is tracking down Benny at his casino, The Tops -- it's located in the Strip's central portion.

House is prepared to pay four times the original delivery fee (total 1000 caps), and will unless one completes a [Barter 50] check, raising it to 1250.

Above the lootable cash room, one can find the Golden Gloves (unique boxing gloves) by a framed issue of Boxing Times.

Since it's not open the general public, one can explore at leisure.

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