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It empties via the Saskatchewan River, Lake Winnipeg, and the Nelson River into Hudson Bay.It runs from the southwest to the northeast and is fed by numerous creeks throughout the city, such as Mill Creek, Whitemud Creek and Blackmud Creek; this creates numerous ravines, some of which are used for urban parkland.Annually, temperatures can exceed 30 °C (86 °F) for an average of four to five days anytime from late April to mid-September and fall below −20 °C (−4 °F) for an average of 24.6 days.The highest temperature recorded within the City of Edmonton was 37.2 °C (99.0 °F), on June 29, 1937.Twelve tornadoes had been recorded in Edmonton between 18, This "1-in-200 year event" flooded major intersections and underpasses and damaged both residential and commercial properties.

Summer thunderstorms can be frequent and occasionally severe enough to produce large hail, damaging winds, funnel clouds, and occasionally tornadoes.Edmonton is the most northerly city in North America with a metropolitan population of over one million.It is at the same latitude as Hamburg (Germany), Dublin (Ireland), Manchester (United Kingdom), and Magnitogorsk (Russia).The new fort's name was suggested by John Peter Pruden after Edmonton, London, the hometown of both the HBC deputy governor Sir James Winter Lake, and Pruden.In 1876, Treaty 6, which includes what is now Edmonton, was signed between the Aboriginal peoples in Canada (or First Nations) and Queen Victoria as Queen of Canada, as part of the Numbered Treaties of Canada.

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Typically, summer lasts from late June until early September, and the humidity is seldom uncomfortably high.

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  1. Great Britain finished second, ahead of the much more populous China in third, and became the first country of modern Olympics history to increase its tally of medals in the subsequent games after being the host nation.

  2. Nor could I find anywhere a proper appreciation of the fact that the Wakefield theory had a definite political as well as a social and economic side. In 1839 he wrote: "Now, up to the present hour, notwithstanding an infinite variety of publications, notwithstanding the lectures which I gave publicly at the Mechanics' Institution, I have never been able to gain an assent to the proposition 'that home maintenance of paupers is a greater tax than the annuity necessary to repay the sum advanced for colonization.' This proposition has been placed by me, as I have already said, again and again, before the public; but except from scientific persons, with whom I have placed myself in close communication, I have never been able to obtain either from Government, from Parliament, from the Reviews, or from the public in general, anything like a satisfactory assent to a proposition which appears to me to be incapable of being denied." [96] The Emigration Commissioners of 1832, after admitting the success of his experiments of 18, as far as the happiness of the settlers was concerned, reported that "as a means of relief to the mother-country, the expense of such undertakings plainly rendered them unavailable, since, however beneficial to the parties actually removed, the measure was far too costly to be persevered in to any useful extent." [97] Indeed, expense was the chief rock on which his plan struck. In his despatch [263] to Lord Glenelg advising the opening of Port Phillip to settlement, Bourke gave the same reasons as he had given in the case of Twofold Bay, and entered into the whole question of the policy of restriction.