Introvert shy dating

They might even care about something so intensely that they view everything else as a distraction.

And yes, this could make them appear to be aloof at times too.

If you label introverts in this way, then you obviously don’t understand them.

It’s interesting how two people can experience the world so differently.

If you really want to get to know an introvert, send them an email.

Introverts are bored by small talk, but love deep discussions. Thus, email trumps every other mode of communication for this personality type.

Remember that they need silence to process information. If you try to “fix” an introvert, then it will backfire.

Even if they seem quiet, their brain is busy formulating theories about where the story could be going. This especially occurs when extroverted parents assume something is wrong with their introverted children.

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If you leave them by themselves, they will feel highly intimidated, and maybe even go outside where it is less noisy.

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