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Two programs of work by Harkness Dance Center’s artists in residence complete the weekend: on Friday, catch dances by Joanna Kotze, Kensaku Shinohara, Pam Tanowitz, and Larissa Velez-Jackson along with Jillian Peña; on Saturday afternoon, the same crowd is joined by Yin Yue.

, which kicks off Wednesday, January 10, with emerging British jazz acts The Comet Is Coming, saxophonist Nubya Garcia, and trumpeter Yazz Ahmed.

Then, on Sunday and Monday, the Gugg brings back another hit program from 2016: liquid dancer Jodi Melnick with New York City Ballet stars Jared Angle, Sara Mearns, and Taylor Stanley in (1946) not only rewards repeat viewings but, upon frequent revisits, strikes pleasure chords that almost no other movie can conceive of, except a handful of other movies directed by Howard Hawks.

(When I watch , I wish I was watching it twice, with a second set of eyes and ears.) It’s rightly claimed by fans that the point of the film isn’t the mystery’s solution, but the path of its investigation.

Spurred by the arrival of hundreds of presenters from all over the world, New York Live Arts hosts all-day showings of dances by its recent artists in residence, including a remount of Rose Ann Spradlin’s acclaimed Two dance events leapfrog this weekend, each showing on both days.

Celebrating Israel’s 70th birthday and promoting cultural understanding between these artists and international audiences, the Out of Israel program, curated by Dana Katz, features work by Itzik Galili and Roy Assaf, performed by American dancer Troy Ogilvie, as well as a solo by Roni Chadash and new works from Katz’s multidisciplinary Danaka collective.

A festival like First Look reminds even the savviest moviegoers how much there is to see, and how many people there are to meet.Coming up, saxophonist Ravi Coltrane pays tribute to his mother, Alice; drummer Teri Lyne Carrington hosts an all-star celebration of the late pianist Geri Allen; and flutist-composer Nicole Mitchell explores a sci-fi musical utopia.The core of the festival, of course, is the weekend marathon.There’s plenty of time to get into the zone and stay there for as long as you like.If 2018 is already getting you down, perk up at an afternoon of percussive dance, brought to you by seven diverse troupes.

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Kunst brings together dance music DJs like Amanda Valentine and hosts like downtown star Amanda Lepore to create a backdrop for the fabulous getups you can look forward to from attendees. An alliterative conceit binds together what have become known as the “F shows”: “Frequency” in 2005, “Flow” in 2008, “Fore” in 2012.

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