Kevin perera and olivia munn dating

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We nag and moan and beg our men to be honest with us. And we do this because admitting the truth is like putting a knife through the female heart.

It took me 40 years to realise a simple truth, and it is this: men are essentially uncomplicated beings whose lack of guile makes them appear deeply complex to the labyrinthine female mind.

We cannot accept there is so little to unravel in men.

Writer Shyama Perera, 42, is separated from her husband and lives in North-West London with her children Nushy, eight, and Tushy, five.

She says: Seeing a little boy running his Tonka truck up and down the kitchen table, or watching Bob The Builder for the fourth time in as many hours, a woman is filled with wonder at how simple are the pleasures of the young male.

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