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Small fragments of the text, again in Syriac, have been discovered in lectionaries of the Jacobite Church. Since the beginning of this century two fragments have come to light in Greek (12:1-13:2 and -14:3) from the fourth or fifth century.Baruch is informed of the judgments which will come over the Gentiles and of the glory of the world to come, which is to exist especially for the righteous.The destruction of Jerusalem is described as the work of angels instead of the Chaldeans.193) James Charlesworth writes: "Most scholars have divided the book into seven sections, with some disagreement regarding borderline verses: an account of the destruction of Jerusalem (1-12); the impending judgment (13-20); the time of retribution and the subsequent messianic era (21-34); Baruch's lament and an allegory of the vine and the cedar (35-46); terrors of the last time, nature of the resurrected body, and teh features of Paradise and Sheol (47-52); Baruch's vision of a cloud (53-76); Baruch's letters to the nine and a half tribes and to the two and a half tribes (77-87).

continue reading "They didn't know who they were." This is how Hilary summed up the problem with the Arian heretics of the fourth century. Benedict, consecrated her life to God from her earliest youth.

Not long ago the entire work was discovered in an Arabic manuscript on Mount Sinai.

This text differs in many details from the Syriac which we already knew before.

4Ezra -37); the description of the resurrected body (49:1-51:6); and the varied messianic concepts." (The Pseudepigrapha and Modern Research, p. Surburg writes: "The book divides itself into seven sections.

It begins with the model of prophecy: 'The word of the Lord came to Baruch, the son of Neraiah, saying.' In the first section the fall of Jerusalem is announced, but Baruch is comforted by the promise that the overthrow of Isarel will only be 'for a season.' In the second section Baruch has a vision in which he is told to fast for seven days after which he is permitted to pour out his complaint before the Lord.

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