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There are misprints, too, of course, and these are more troubling in a dictionary than in other kinds of books.

The only one I found on this page was "fasionable", but there is at least one spelling or printing error on every page I have looked at.

A more straightforward error is "alluring" in place of "allure" for magumas.

Even if we assume that this page is worse than the average page, our confidence in this reference work must be shaken.

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Suderinti traukini tvarkarat su viena didiausi vertimu duombazi. Dictionary about this bilingual dictionary bronius piesarskas, elena stasiuleviit. Odynas yra elektronin bronislovo piesarsko didiojo angl-lietuvi.

Apie mokin new boy apie kompaktiniais diskais platinamus. assistir chris online gratis Paprastas naudoti angllietuvi kalb vertjas.

We do, however, need it to tell us that "mad dog" is the equivalent of abuojas uo; instead, it translates the latter as "angry/wild dog".

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Meticulousness painstakingness conscientiousness scrupulousness carefulness thoroughness meticulousness. Lietuvi-angl-lietuvi kieninis odynas internete js paslaugoms.

For instance, an English-speaking editor would have removed the un-English "potato-crusher" given alongside "potato-masher" for bulvi maigytuvas. But sometimes none of the alternatives represent current English usage.

Most of these flaws call for deletion rather than positive modification. The same is true of the archaic "Mussulman" given with "Mohammedan" and "Moslem" for mahometonas.

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