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Per Maclean’s suggestion, I sought validation (and measured progress) by dropping seconds off my workouts, not by dropping pounds.

I definitely got lighter—as evidenced by how my pants fit—but I never made doing so a primary objective.

I completed a minimalist strength workout two to three times every week.

I tried to knock this out in the afternoon following a morning hard run so my easy days would be kept completely easy.

Most serious amateur runners want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

The historic race from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, to Boston’s Copley Square is the world’s oldest annual marathon and serves as a mecca for the running community—an experience that many speak of as if it were a religious pilgrimage.

I have no collegiate, high school, or even middle school running background.

In my prime athletic days, I was a 200-pound tight end and outside linebacker; I never ran farther than a 40-yard dash.

Avoid the medium-hard ‘gray zone’ that many marathoners fall into.” I kept all my easy runs—on average, three per week—truly easy.

“Take your recovery as seriously as your most challenging sessions.

Nail the big basics first: sleep and nutrition, keeping your easy days easy, and being flexible in your approach if you’re feeling overly tired or stressed.” In the past, I’d skimp on recovery, often so I could get in more training.

I finished my past three marathons in , , and a devastatingly close .

Each of those races, and the training leading up to them, presented a formidable challenge.

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