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American accreditation EACCME credits are recognised by the American Medical Association towards the Physician's Recognition Award (PRA). She has delivered more than 150 lectures at national and international congresses and written more than 90 peerreviewed publications and 9 book chapters.

To convert EACCME credit to AMA PRA category 1 credit, contact the AMA. She has been a peer-reviewer of Eurorad for 10 years, and for AJR. Enriquez is also a research collaborator in several high-profile European projects.

This supplement was not sponsored by outside commercial interests. This meeting will address the importance of a true global perspective within childrens imaging and the challenges we face in an international setting with wide variations in finance, equipment, human resources and expertise. He also helped set up ESPR task forces on CT-dose and molecular imaging/multi-modality imaging.

This will require detailed strategy and partnership between all existing societies, and commitment and buyin from individual members and societies. He became Honorary Member of the ESPR in 2007, and an Honorary Member of the German Speaking Society of Paediatric Radiology (GPR) in 2010.

More ubiquitous (albeit sometimes basic) computer facilities mean that we can network to more remote medical sites requiring our help, where there is a dearth of trained medical staff. He has produced over 150 peer-reviewed publications and 50 book chapters, and has a particular interest in paediatric uro-radiology, paediatric skeletal radiology and CT-technique/CT-dose and concepts and strategies to improve paediatric radiology research at a European level.

The EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS), net. Normal standards based on MRI for 615 year old 2007 Sporcq C. With her charm and hard work she promoted and led the acceptance and full engagement of paediatric radiologists to the adult ultrasound world in the UK. Goya Enriquez went to medical school at Salamanca University. Enriquez has been head of the Paediatric Radiology department at the Childrens Hospital, Vall d Hebron.

The 6th International Paediatric Radiology Congress is designated for a maximum of 27 h of European external CME credits. Her recent retirement from radiology has left a void which will be difficult to fill, as she is unique. She then specialised in paediatric radiology at The Childrens Hospital, Vall d Hebron, Barcelona under the mentorship of Dr. In the early 1980s, she set up the ultrasound unit, and ultrasound has since been her main priority and passion. Dr Enriquez attended her first ESPR meeting in Madrid, 1975.

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We are delighted to welcome Professor Sam Gambhir from Stanford USA, a world leader in molecular imaging, who will present the Jacques Lefebvre/Neuhauser Lecture on this theme, one of the highlights of a strong scientific programme. His esteemed colleagues and superb equipment are a testament to his hard work. We applaud and thank him for his example and inspiration to us all, as a most deserving recipient of this ESPR gold medal, for a lifetimes work, dedication and outstanding achievements within Paediatric Radiology. Rose returned to South Africa and qualified in medicine from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1973 and (with her newly acquired husband Eric) she travelled through Europe in a camper van.

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