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Japanische partnervermittlung The aim of the RAF, they maintain, was to destroy German industry and the military infrastructure.The merging of the fires sucked oxygen from the air and created a ferocious, howling tornado.

He even regarded the famous Dambusters Raid of May 1943 as a waste of time, privately claiming that it 'achieved nothing'.

Far from being a refuge, the reservoir turned into a sweltering graveyard.

In one post-war lecture, Sir Charles Portal, the Chief of the Air Staff throughout the campaign, said it was 'a fallacy that our bombing of the German cities was intended to kill Germans, and that we camouflaged this intention by the pretence that we would destroy industry.

During my research on the Lancaster - the heavyweight plane that enabled the RAF to mount the bomber offensive - I uncovered a wealth of archival material which exposes the truth about the Government's policy.

Typical was one paper from the Air Ministry, written in August 1941, which urged that the focus of attacks must be 'the people in their homes and factories'.

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Unpublished papers I have unearthed for my new book on the Lancaster bomber reveal that the mass, indiscriminate killing of Germany's urban population was indeed the key goal of the RAF's campaign.

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