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“She was just vulnerable.” That young woman met the man who became her pimp at a bus stop, waiting for a ride home from work. He told her that he had seen her looking at him while he was standing next to his car.

He was filling up his silver Dodge Charger at a gas station across the street. She hadn’t been, but now that he was standing in front of her she did think he was cute.

Of those, 381 were victims of sex trafficking, including 364 girls and women.Yet, in Maryland, we’re still holding the threat of incarceration over these girls.” Rodriguez used to oversee human trafficking charges for the Baltimore County state’s attorney’s office, handling between 20 and 30 cases a year.It was her contact with victims of the traffickers who she was trying to lock up that eventually led to a career switch, working with survivors. I wasn’t looking to give up being an attorney and it’s important to go after the bad guys,” she says.He had also previously been indicted on rape, gun, and kidnapping charges involving a woman he’d met on an online dating chat line.“I spent a lot of time with the young woman who had the courage to testify against him,” Rodriguez says. She talked about her dreams and her dreams for her son, and I got to know her as a human being.” In some ways, Rodriguez’s career switch is representative of a change in focus that she and other advocates envision toward a public health approach that supports survivors of trafficking and prostitution.

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It was not the first time “Wendy” had run away and not come home.

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