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With the stigma of being single well and truly blitzed, both men and women are asserting their right to be happy.It’s no surprise that this new-found appetite for singledom goes hand-in-hand with an increase in solo travel.The human imagination has conjured up a new Olympus: that love will remain unconditional, intimacy enthralling, and sex oh-so-exciting, for the long haul, with one person.” Naturally, not many people live up to these sky-high expectations.How liberating it would be, then, to ditch the conditions altogether.So, if more single people are travelling the world solo, why not skip dating and instead just focus on meeting new people along the way?Part of the problem of meeting “the one” in the 21st Century is the amount of caveats we place around this golden standard.The cheapest city is Bogotá, where the typical date night is only .Second-cheapest is Cape Town, where the cost is , and third place goes to Mexico City, where a night out is .

You ride a gauntlet of emotion: lingering hope, excitement and resentment. Divorce rates are on the up , especially among women aged 30-39 and men aged 45-49. Women, in particular, hold greater financial independence (conversely, being in a relationship may harm us financially, not least when it comes to having children).

At the other end of the scale sit Rotorua and Palmerston North.

For those looking to save a few bucks, these cities might be the dating destinations of choice: an average date night in either city will only cost you 9.

Single people generally have more resource to travel the world on a whim.

They tend to connect with people better and hold a greater sense of self-development and growth, too.

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