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All submarines before K-391 Bratsk have reactor coolant scoops that are similar to the ones of the Typhoon-class SSBNs, long and tubular.

Bratsk and subsequent submarines have reactor coolant scoops similar to the short ones on the Oscar IIs (the Typhoon, Akula and Oscar classes use the similar OK-650 reactor). Sources also disagree as to whether construction of this class has been suspended, or if there are a further two units planned.

The MGK-501 Skat sonar system on Akula-I is replaced to a new MGK-540 Skat-3 sonar system. It is longer and has a larger displacement compared to the Akula II.

Also, it has an enlarged sail and a different towed-array dispenser on the vertical fin. The Gepard was the most advanced Russian submarine before the submarines of the Severodvinsk and Borei classes were commissioned.

The distinctive "bulb" or "can" seen on top of the Akula's rudder houses its towed sonar array, when retracted.

These submarines are much quieter than early Akula class submarines and all have the SOCKS hydrodynamic sensors except Leopard.

Russia said in December 2014 that it is ready to lease India more nuclear-powered submarines a day after President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to deepen defence ties.

On 8 November 2008, while conducting one of these trials, an accidental activation of the halon-based fire-extinguishing system took place in the fore section of the vessel. In August 2012, the news media reported that another Akula-class submarine operated in the Gulf of Mexico purportedly undetected for over a month, sparking controversy within U.

The launch of the first submarine in 1985, according to defense analyst Norman Polmar, "shook everyone [in the West] up", as Western intelligence agencies had not expected the Soviet Union to produce such a boat for another ten years.

The Akula incorporates a double hull system composed of an inner pressure hull and an outer "light" hull.

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This allows more freedom in the design of the exterior hull shape, resulting in a submarine with more reserve buoyancy than its western analogs.

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