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One of the laws he has authored is the Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners Law or Republic Act No. Punong puno na naman ang mga grocery stores at shopping malls ng mga Kababayang bumibili ng mga pasalubong.Apart from authenticating the document, the deed of sale should also include the seller and the homebuyer’s names, the number of the transfer certificate of title, the technical description of the property, and the sale price that both parties agreed upon. Local law firm Domingo Munsaya and Associates explained in their blog that the deed of sale should be then taken to the registry of deeds to be recorded.The homebuyer will need to pay for documentary stamp tax, transfer tax, registration fees and other incidentals.

If you are unable to fulfill your financial obligation within the given grace period, your developer may cancel the sales contract after 30 days from the time you receive the notice or demand of cancellation of the contract. This way, the life insurance covers the buyer’s mortgage in terms of the insured’s death.This benefit will be sent to you by Philhealth via postal mail. This benefit is offered for both Normal Delivery and CS. When buying property in the Philippines, Filipinos are mostly unaware of their legal rights as a real estate buyer.They start asking legal questions directly to their real estate agents or conduct their own research on the Web.We compiled ten common legal questions homebuyers ask when purchasing a property: The law dictates that only Filipino citizens are allowed to buy a home or a condo.

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