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Clever ideas and hilarious moments drown in a flood of violence.

(87 min.)Staff ** Miami PD's mismatched partners, family man Marcus (Lawrence) and bachelor Mike (Smith), return to find themselves in the middle of a Russian-Cuban-Haitian drug war and in a contest between Miami's finest and the feds to bring down the combatants. But here his work is a bit too neat and calculated to make the emotions ring really true.

(99 min.)Sterritt *** A small circle of Asian-American friends scramble for good grades, plan for college, and pull off petty crimes. (127 min.)Staff *** The movie takes us to Ethiopia, Cambodia, and Chechnya along with Angelina Jolie and Clive Owen in their trials as foreign-aid relief workers. (110 min.)Sterritt ** A young man (Mc Gregor) tries to understand the life of his estranged, now dying father (Finney) by sifting grains of truth from the mountains of tall tales the old guy was forever telling about himself. Footage of the races and amazing stunts break up the sometimes tedious stretches.

With Parry Shen, Sung Kang, Jason Tobin, Roger Fan. With Albert Finney, Jessica Lange, Ewan Mc Gregor, Billy Crudup, Alison Lohman. His mechanic's 18-year-old son wants the crown for himself and forms a rival biker club.

The market for death and horror based attractions and entertainment is growing.

With Rafael Cano, Miriam Hernández, Guillermo Armas. This latest effort by an amateur writer and director starts out promisingly but can't sustain the laughs or character development it needs to be engaging.

(88 min.)Staff ** If you've been rooting for one of HBO's "Project Greenlight" movies to be a hit, you'll need to put your pompoms away for now.

With Shia La Beouf, Elden Henson, Kathleen Quinlan.

Society is well connected to death, however and significantly, the consumption of death and its social transformation historically to present, both in practice and meaning have changed, evolved and continue to do so.

The meaning, practice and consumption of death and its evolution into the future will be a significant representation of future societies.

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What helps Lin's feature debut is his insight into the dark side of living up to "model minority" stereotypes in a materialistic culture. True to Hollywood form, Owen and Jolie fall into a romance despite her husband and son back home, which only increases the tragedy surrounding their lives.

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