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The public's view of Scott Peterson was a different story.On December 31st, 2002, the town of Modesto held a public vigil for Laci and Connor.Police noted Scott's strange behavior, such as how he couldn't remember the kind of bait he'd used when he supposedly went fishing that morning, or what he prioritized during the investigation."His major concerns were not Laci," one detective told People in 2005.Police suggested going back to couple's house – the first of many "tests" placed on Scott to gauge his reactions.As Laci's husband, Scott was immediately on police's radar as suspect, given the fact most acts of violence are committed by people known to the victim.Indeed, the evidence – timestamped emails and a receipt from the marina – backed him up.

Now, A&E will revisit this heartbreaking tale with the first in a six-part docuseries, The Murder of Laci Peterson.

Later that day, a neighbor found their dog, still wearing a leash, wandering in front of the house by himself.

Scott Peterson told police he first drove to his nearby warehouse to send emails and retrieve his boat, which he brought to Berkeley Marina.

Of course, local news in Modesto covered the story of her disappearance and the volunteers who mobilized to help find her.

But bigger media fish, like Nancy Grace – then a former prosecutor making a name for herself as a bombastic legal analyst on cable news – capitalized on Laci Peterson's disappearance as well.

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It was more strange behavior from a man who supposedly had nothing to hide.

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