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Baraket, a rotund 50-year-old, must pass through a metal detector to enter the room, where he is greeted warmly with handshakes and pats on the shoulder.

Commission members are sitting on the stage and the room is equipped with giant monitors showing the faces of the people testifying.

They pounded Faysal's face, hit his feet and sexually assaulted him, penetrating him anally presumably with a police truncheon and injuring him so badly that he died the same day.

Then they carried what was left of him out of the room, wrapped in a sheet turned red from the blood, and later brought the body to the hospital for an autopsy.

Since 2014, the commission has assembled over 62,000 cases with the aim of coming to terms with over 50 years of dictatorship.

Nahost-Korrespondentin des SPIEGEL mit Sitz in Tel Aviv.

Seit 2010 arbeitet sie für das Nachrichtenmagazin, zunächst in der Multimedia-Redaktion.

Artificial Democracy "I want to show how the old system worked," says Ghariani, saying he decided to testify out of respect for the new constitution.

As part of that, Ghariani will explain on air how they faked elections together.

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