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The single-pixel rectangular ball behaves according to something like physics, with a certain amount of randomness built-in and a touch too much gravity.The game's most notable feature is the playfield editor that preceded Bill Budge's by a couple of years, allowing players to modify and save the layout to cassette.was not a game, really, but a slyly disguised business proposition.It promised a way to beat the odds with "sophisticated" computer analysis, and while this catalog advertisement doesn't explicitly mention anything as uncouth as sports betting in any way, shape or form, the selling price alone implies a certain you-scratch-my-back ethos.

Many thanks need to go out to the main contributors to this list besides yours truly.The Nutmeg organization is an amazing team of very generous and openhearted individuals who provide free, fun and safe soccer training and educational sessions for under-served children and youth in Toronto. It can come in the form of the smallest gestures and a few kind words.We were honoured to be part of their final class of the season and to see the excitement and pure joy of the children as they received their Christmas snack-packs and presents from Santa that were generously donated by those involved. Sometimes the smallest things matter the most and have endless effects.It is so exciting that Christmas is just around the corner!Soon we will be able to relax and spend much needed time with family and friends.

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Remember, giving with an open heart makes all the difference, and with your support, we can help and support others.

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