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If you have underpaid tax your local office will contact you about this.

You may need to send a P21 to your local authority, bank or building society as proof of earnings when looking for an education grant, a house or a loan.

It also shows whether you have overpaid or underpaid tax for the year.

If you have overpaid, a cheque for the amount will be issued.

If it is proved that your current or former employer did not pay PRSI on your behalf, the employer may be forced to back-pay your PRSI contributions.

You should report the problem to your local Revenue office.

Details of your local Revenue office can be found by entering your PPS Number at the ‘Contact us’ link at Provided that you did not consent to the employer not paying contributions on your behalf you have not committed an offence.

For your own security it is important that your employer pays your social insurance contributions.

Being included in the PRSI system ensures you get your rights in relation to social welfare payments if you become unemployed, ill, if you are injured in work, if you take maternity leave or apply for a pension.

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Under the tax credit system you are entitled to tax credits depending on your personal circumstances, for example, married person’s tax credits, PAYE tax credit.

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