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Each day, she works diligently to ensure San Diego Humane Society programs are running efficiently in the Northern region of our County.

With more than 21 years of animal welfare and operations experience, Michelle is well versed in ensuring harmonious synchronization between staff, volunteers and animals.

) Medical Director As Medical Director for San Diego Humane Society, Dr.

Cynthia Mitchell overseas the team of veterinarians who provide lifesaving specialized surgeries, progressive treatments and long-term care and rehabilitation to animal patients in San Diego Humane Society’s care.

There are no limits to the dedication, passion and enthusiasm she brings to keeping the pets in our community happy and healthy. I love to garden and it would come in so very, very handy.

ANIMALS: I have two dogs – a Giant Schnauzer mix (Ren) and a Rat Terrier (Odie) – and a cat (Chase).

Read More About Chief Mac Kinnon Vice President of People Development Trish leads both Employee Engagement and Volunteer Engagement for San Diego Humane Society.

A tireless advocate of all things people, Trish keeps the energy high, ensures staff is rewarded for their hard work, and keeps our policies and benefits up to date. Read More About Trish Audrey leads Employee Engagement for San Diego Humane Society and is integral in building the capacity of the organization to meet its strategic goals and mission.

Senior Director, San Diego Campus Jessica is the go-to guru for all things animal-related at our San Diego location.She can also be seen walking someone’s dog at least once on any given day! Panda, a 6-year old Boston Terrier mix, and Duke, an 11-year young, Lab mix. A tireless advocate of all things people, Audrey ensures the staff stays unified, consistently keeps purpose at the forefront of their work and always feels appreciated.At home he is nicknamed “Marley’s Ghost,” due to his mischievous behavior. Vice President for Community Engagement Stacey is affectionately known as “the rock” of the Community Engagement department.ANIMALS: Betty is a lovable pit bull who lives for belly rubs, kisses and long naps filled with snoring.Jake is a three-legged German Shepherd who was once abused and now lives the high life by the beach. Ability to Fly Read More About Gary Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff Katherine is a master visionary who keeps the organization moving forward by working to increase the capacity of our President/CEO by handling complex, time-sensitive issues that intersect public, organizational and animal welfare industry dimensions.

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Stacey is in charge of leading the creative team that carries out marketing and community outreach efforts for San Diego Humane Society.

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