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It assumes the user already has a working installation of Mepis 8.0 or 8.5. Note: the description below on what to do if you already installed the binary version is nearly verbatim from the How To for Ubuntu 6.10 and 7.04.Although I expect it will apply to Mepis 8, I have not tried installing the binary version in Mepis and then removing it using this procedure.These grids are not needed for Xastir, but if you use proj.4 for any other GIS tools (including GDAL), you need to build proj.4 (and everything that depends on it) from source instead. (The manual procedure above installs from source.) The version of proj in the Debian repository has a known issue with the way it was built, which does not affect Xastir but could affect other programs that use proj.This is an entirely optional install, and is pretty much unnecessary. : yes (wget) FOR THE ADVENTUROUS: AX25 (Linux Kernel I/O Drivers) ........ In a nutshell, the script takes a few shortcuts in order to speed things up for the impatient.The above packages are required for the most basic minimum build of xastir.gv is not strictly required, but if you don't install it you will be unable to print.Note that this graphiscsmagick package is not the one that gives you on-line map support, it's the one that provides the "convert" utility needed to create the postscript that gv will use to print.

Wer wie die Verlegerverbnde Adblocker verbieten will, muss auch die strafrechtlichen Konsequenzen von Malvertising zu spren bekommen, findet Chefredakteur Jrg Luther.The "login" line will result in a prompt for a password. The last command could take a while to finish if you're on a slow link, as there are a lot of files to download.To get a fully-functional version of xastir, you need to install a few more libraries.If you did a lot of map configuration with the binary install, all of your maps will be in /usr/share/xastir/maps.You'll need to copy those to a safe place before removing the binary install: Then you need to edit your ~/.xastir/config/file to change all occurances of "/usr/share" to "/usr/local/share" You'll be back in business with a more easily updated xastir.

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These are the proj.4 library and the geotiff library.

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