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The easiest way to fix an ISP’s malfunctioning DNS is to substitute a different DNS for the one provided.My favorite DNS system is run by a company called Open DNS (now part of Cisco), which offers free use of its DNS system.If a page loads in one browser but not another, I know it’s a compatibility problem.One of the most likely causes of a web page not loading is a wrongly configured or poorly maintained DNS (Domain Name Server) system by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).If only one webpage or website isn't working, you can remove data related to that site to see if it fixes the issue.Use these steps to remove cookies, cache, and other data stored by Safari for a specific site: If you want to remove website data for all of the sites and pages you've ever visited, choose "all history" from the Clear pop-up menu.For example, embedded videos might not display if they're hosted on a site other than the one you're viewing.Check with your administrator to see if you can get access to the site that you're trying to view.

This continues until the lookup is made, or all of the DNS servers in the list have been exhausted.

Some Safari extensions that block ads or other website content can prevent some page elements from displaying.

You can temporarily turn off extensions, then re-load the page to see if this is the issue. If the webpage loads correctly, one or more extensions was blocking the content from loading.

Don’t worry about the number of lines of text that may be returned; it varies from web site to web site.

What’s important is that you do not see a line that says: If you get a ‘web site not found’ result, and you’re sure you have entered the web site’s name correctly (and that there really is a web site by that name), than you can be reasonably sure that, at least for the moment, your ISP’s DNS system is having problems.

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