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Two young lovers, torn apart by a century old feud between two powerful families.From a valley long divided by too little resources the bitter feud continues in Egoli, the city of gold as the Zungu’s seek to build their fortune.Thandeka and her tv husband Sbu, left the soapie, to the sadness of the viewers.They had their beautiful wedding after a beautiful but challenging romance, and of course we were sad to see them go. in other projects that she was busy with, such as the Holiday Swap KZN and Tell Me Sweet Something, which also had Maps Maponyane.Zama vs Thandeka in 20 pictures #Isibaya – Isibaya actress Linda Mtoba, who plays Zama and Nomzama Mbatha who plays Thandeka are the most beautiful ladies in the popular soapie Isibaya…..Wednesday 1 November 2017 Episode 1156 Thandeka receives support from the Bhubesini community.

The Zungus and Ndlovus join the Bhubesini community in a prayer meeting for their beloved S’bu.Mpiyakhe runs the Taxi business and is chairman of the East Side taxi association.On the West side lives Samson Ndlovu’s family, they too operate a big taxi business, but are less successful than Mpiyakhe.Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps celebrates three years of their lovely relationship The two who have been rumored to be dating for over two years and acted as romantic leads in local movie Tell Me Sweet Something have never confirmed their relationship.It did not help when both parties constantly referred to themselves as friends.“We’re literally best friends.

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