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Witnessing an assassination, a boy claims the assassins are hunting him.

With his older sister, the pair escape numerous attacks and are aided by their grandfather and a resourceful young ...

Keep your Expedition Sport clean, and I hope to see you post again sometime.

If the views here don't ignite your passion, might we suggest bass fishing?

you know boat engines get a good wringing out, never heard of any troubles related to the oil we used. No problems, a little thinner on the 10-w 30 than before but thats new blending. I remember seeing it as a kid, when my Dad bought it when oil came in 1 QT round cans, and you'd open the cans with a can opener, venting the can with a small hole on the opposite end of your "pour holes".

Right now last I checked, wolfs head is currently made by Amalie Oil in florida I think. Years ago we would buy it in 55gal drums 10-15 a year. I take it from your login name you have an Explorer Sport?

One glance at California's granite Eden proves why legendary rock rats like Royal Robbins, Warren Harding, Yvon Chouinard, Lynn Hill, Ron Kauk, and Jim Bridwell have called this place home.

Don't worry: We're not going to scare you senseless by recommending an assault on Half Dome's Northwest Face—the famous route pioneered in 1957 by Robbins and his buddies—right out of the gate.

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From Half Dome to Mc Kinley, meet the best teachers in the business, progressively ratchet up your skill set, and graduate at the top of the continent.

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