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Even my bad English can't stop me in getting girls from the internet. The answer is with my experience which I have increased with a lot of work and now I am ready to share all my experience and skills for nothing with you and you will increase your skills without work, but only reading this article.

How I spent my life before dating girls online - I was kind of the low valued guys in the highschool that have never got laid with a girl. All my social life I spent playing computer games, watching youtube videos and writing in my blog(I am famous in the blog community, that's why I don't want to reveal my name). I have been feeling stupid around women since the day I said "ENOUGH".

It takes you step by step with easy-to-follow instructions.

You will be able to meet women anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Popular blogger Cal Newport reveals the new key to achieving success and true meaning in professional life: the ability to master distraction.

I have been doing this hundreds of times and I get the greatest in it.

If she responds you the first way then you can move on asking her for her MSN or Skype account from where you can talk to each other like by phone, don't be afraid to call her. Then we started a conversation about social things again, after 5 minutes when she felt enough comfortable with me I asked her to go out and meet.

When you have nothing to say just call her "you sexy" or find another phrase like this.

You should first open(start conversation) with about unknown 100 chicks, because the the most important thing there is to be good in the conversation.

I was not any good in the conversation in the real life, but I was the greatest in the online conversation - I was developing my own method - a cyber .

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When you finish with your profile you can move on action, find the girl you would like to date add invite her for a friendship if this option appears in the website you had choosen. The easiest thing is to say "Hello" and it is not wrong, but you will look better if you tell her something like "Is your mother searching for a son by law? I think I have been there but I don't really remember." or to comment her hometown "Hey, a lot of nice girls you have there in Manchester".

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