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These approaches generally look at the various archeological excavations and try to find references to Zarathushtra and Zoroastrianism.

Others use a philological approach to compare the Gathas with the Rig Vedas, since Sanskrit and Gathic languages are the offshoots of the same mother language.

Click here to know all about it A bawa wearing a white bandhgala coat with cylindrical black hat driving a gorgeous vintage car overloaded with a garadraped wife and squabbling kids: that’s how films in the early ’80s portrayed the Parsi Zoroastrian community.

Cut to 2015, and the picture is quite the opposite.

These scholars generally try to compare the social aspects of life during Zarathushtra (as can be deducted from the Gathas) and compare it with the first accurately known times, namely, the Achaemenian era, and then place a date.

In addition 21 % of males were found to have a low sperm count.You may use any part presented herein for non-commercial purposes, on the condition of giving full credit to the author and to this home page, including a hyperlink, if you wish to use these material over the Internet. They consist of 17 songs and have a total of 241 stanzas.Each stanza is a thought-provoker in a chain of thought-provocation.It is like a pearl in a cord of song, and each cord of song is a part of a necklace of the "divn," complete poetic works of Zarathushtra Spitma (Persian "Zartosht," English "Zoroaster") .

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Some scholars have adopted other methods and generally come up with post Achaemenian dates, which are now proven to be inaccurate.

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